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Puppy Temperament Testing


Within a litter of puppies there are subtle changes of temperament, of course every one of our Australian Labradoodles have a great temperament but as dedicated Australian Labradoodle Breeders we pride ourselves by making sure our puppies have the best start possible.  On our 24 hour web cam you can enjoying watching your puppy from a newborn to when its time to come home.  This provides you with an insight on how your puppy is raised.  Temperament testing is a vital tool we use, for us, to help you make the right choice.  

In collaboration with Shannon from Willows we filmed a recent temperament testing session.  Not all puppies are created equally, temperament is an inherited trait and we strive to produce excellent puppies that will thrive in the right homes.  We ensure all our puppies get the best possible start in life, we follow a tried and tested socialisation programme along with our temperament testing which provides you with an insight on which puppy would suit your family. 

I hope you enjoy the video.

At 6-7 weeks old your puppy's personality has emerged and we feel that around this time they are ready to meet their new families.  Before they meet you, we like to temperament test all our puppies.  

In a litter of puppies there are slightly more confident puppies with a playful nature that are perfect for families with children, quieter puppies would prefer a home with older children or a retired family.  

We temperament test our puppies so I can help you make the right choice at puppy pick. Here at Ripley's we are there to give you advice but the choice of your puppy is always your choice.

Australian Labradoodle Breeder UK

School dogs - Assistant dogs - Service Dogs - Therapy dogs

Australian Labradoodles were originally bred to be service dogs.  They are smart and focused dogs.  Their natural calmness and people pleasing qualities along with being very intuitive is what sets them apart from other breeds and what produces wonderful therapy and service dogs.


Here at Ripley's Australian Labradoodles we are so proud that many of our dogs are working therapy dogs that help in the community.  Our very own Neo goes to work every day at a local school St Teresa's and is very much loved by all the staff and pupils. Our Daisy has also just passed her Pets as Therapy assessment and is visiting St Peters Hospital children's ward each week and is making a huge difference.

If you are looking for a therapy puppy please make sure you let us know when reserving your puppy and we will work with you to identify the puppy that best suits your requirements.

Australian Labradoodle therapy puppy
Australian Labradoodle therapy puppy
Australian Labradoodle Therapy puppy

Dogs with Jobs - Some of our dogs providing therapy, support or assistance

We are all aware of the many health benefits owning a dog can bring, there as been a rise recently with dogs providing therapy, support and

assistance within schools, the workplace and homes. These dogs provide a much needed service and can make a massive difference to families requiring this support.  From being a calming influence in a school to providing much needed mental health support to a person with Autism, dogs that have jobs can have very fulfilling lives helping the people they love the most.


Our lines have produced many of these dogs, please see below our dogs loving life and making a difference every day!


Making a difference every day!


Daisy is one of our guardian girls who is doing her job as a PAT dog at St Peter's Hospital, Daisy is very much appreciated at the Hospital helping the staff and children.  Here are some pictures that were sent to me with the parents and hospital's permission to share.


I received a lovely letter from the hospital......


Daisy the therapy dog visiting our children's ward is the highlight of the week for both patients and staff.  She has the most lovely temperament - calm, patient, tolerant and friendly.  Even patients who tell us they are nervous of dogs are stroking her and feeding her treats by the end of the session.  Our anxious patients visibly relax in Daisy's presence and are more able to cope with medical interventions.  We cannot recommend Daisy the therapy dog more highly.  

Claire, Play Specialist, ASPH


Scooby is a Ripley's pup that has passed his therapy status.  Well done Scooby, you will love helping all those people in Guernsey.

Australian Labradoodle therapy puppy


Max is now a Pets as Therapy dog at his local school - his owners tell me "he has such an amazing temperament and is doing so well.  We all adore him in our family, he's the most incredible dog who brings so much love and joy".


Bonnie & Rosie

Bonnie and Rosie are established Therapy dogs at a specialist unit within a school.  



Roo and her daughter are much loved school dogs, owned by a headteacher, they help children overcome their anxieties.

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