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Australian Labradoodle 

Puppy Shopping List

Please find below recommended items to purchase for your Australian Labradoodle puppy, to make life easier, these are are purchased via Amazon (paid link).

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
Essential items

A large crate - Good for medium to large medium dogs.

Vet Bed to fit the medium crate - Vet bed washes and dries easily - good for those accidents

Vet bed to fit the large crate.

Medium Washable puppy pads 60 x 45 with a non slip bottom

Large Washable puppy pads 90 x 75 with a non slip bottom

X-Large Washable puppy pads 90 x 100 with a non slip bottom

A comfortable cosy bed that fits inside the washing machine.

Stairgate - puppies should not be allowed to go up and down stairs to protect their joints.

Yak chew for teething - good for 8-12 week old puppies

Rabbit ears for teething - I give these to the puppies from 6 weeks old.

Chicken Feet for teething - I give these to the puppies from 7 weeks old.  Supervised only

Pig ears for teething - good for older puppies

Brush and comb set

Food and water bowls

Small collar and lead

Harness for 8-12 weeks - This will fit your puppy for the car journey home

Car seatbelt - This can go over the headrest or be clipped in

Dog poo bags

Earth bath ultra mild puppy Shampoo 

Mixing bottle for shampoo


Alongside the below treats I recommend the Natural treats from Natural Instinct.

Bounce & Bella grain free dog training treats 

Natures Menu 95% real meet training treats

Yak chew for teething - good for 8-12 week old puppies

Pig ears for teething - good for older puppies

Rabbit ears for teething - I give these to the puppies from 6 weeks old.

Chicken Feet for teething - I give these to the puppies from 7 weeks old.  Supervised only

Health care

Essential and useful items to have to hand for when needed

Thermometer Normal dog temperature is 38.3 to 39.2 centigrade

Dog first aid kit basic first aid kit small enough to take on walks includes a tick remover

Leucillin Antiseptic Spray - Antibacterial, Antifungal for minor wound care, I use this on me and the kids, it's fab.

Fortiflora Probiotic dog supplement - this is what I use for any bout of diarrhoea

Pro Kolin Probiotic paste to support digestive disturbances

Tick Remover

Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner - good for general cleaning and can help with mild ear discomfort

Wahl Easy Ear Cleanser - gentle cleaner with aloe vera and eucalyptus to help soothe discomfort

EarSolv -  is an exceptional ear cleaner for dogs with waxy, itchy ears




Brush and comb set

Cowboy Magic - Excellent detangler, a little goes a long way, use on a wet or dry coat.  Between grooms you can add a little to a spray bottle with some water to spray onto a dry coat.

Microfibre Towels - I use larger beach towels, much more practicable

Grooming table - Collasable for easy storage, make your life easier, investing in a good table with a H bar will make it easier to groom your dog.

Nail Clippers

Mixing bottles - these are excellent and makes the shampoo last longer.

Shampoo - I recommend Earth bath for puppies

Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo - for older dogs this shampoo is excellent and the one I use. 

Andis Clippers - These are good enough for small salon, I have these as my back up but I prefer the Heinigers

Heiniger Clippers - These are wire free and what I use

Comb set for Clippers




Dog whistle - This 211.5 whistle I think is the best tone for our dogs

Pressure alarmed door mat - handy tool to know when your pup is waiting to go out.

Door Bell training - Wireless dog door bell

Play Pen - not essential but easy to put together and handy to have around when needed this is 8 panels and 80cm high, you do not want the 60cm high one as they will jump this quite quickly.


Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezey

Dog Training Advice and behaviour Solutions - this is a really good book with lots of advice covering some of the more challenging issues.

Australian Labradoodle Spay / Neuter

The below items helps make recovery a bit more comfortable.

Spay Suit - MPS medical spay suit

Buster Collar 

24 hour Live Puppy Cam

Once our puppies are about a week old we have a puppy camera so you can view your puppy and see how your puppy grows and develops.  Animal welfare is a priority and you will be able to see that your puppy has been raised with love and care.

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