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Guardian Homes

A guardian home is what we hope will be a forever home.  We work with families that would like to own an Australian Labradoodle.  Most of our breeding dogs, males and females are found in the loving care of our guardian homes.  A guardian family is someone approved by us to have pick of the litter puppy.  There is no adoption fee for this puppy and these puppies live with their guardian family and come to visit us when needed for breeding.  We hold a five star licence which means that we adhere to higher welfare standards and part of this not only how we raise our puppies but the welfare of our breeding dogs.  



  • All our dogs are raised in loving family homes.

  • All our puppies are raised inside our home and not in outbuildings or kennels.

  • All our dogs enjoy fun, fulfilled lives.

  • A dog is for life not just for breeding is not only something we say but something we believe in.


Here are some prerequisites for becoming a guardian family:

  • The primary caregiver cannot work full time outside the home.

  • No intact dogs of the opposite sex can reside in the same home to prevent unwanted matings.

  • Provide a caring loving home for our dogs and willingness to follow our recommendations regarding care and feedings.

  • Willingness and availability to make the dog available to us for testing, matings and vet appointments.

What are the benefits for the guardian family and the dog?

  • The guardian family has pick of the litter, a puppy personally chosen by the breeder at no cost.

  • The guardian family receives a thank you bonus of £1000 for every successful litter.

  • The guardian family gets to share the joy and excitement of helping to raise loving well socialised puppies to our wonderful waiting families.

  • Once their breeding career is finished (approx 3 litters) he / she will be spayed / neutered at our cost and returned to your family to live out their life as a family pet.  

  • The dog is placed with it's forever family and never has to find a new family after it's breeding period is over.

If you would like to be a guardian family please contact us so that we can discuss it further.

What our Guardians say...

Victoria Hall - Lucy's guardian I have been a guardian for Ripley's for 2 years and it has been the most amazing experience. Lucy is the most incredible Australian Labradoodle, a perfect family pet - she has a cheeky, sweet personality and is fantastic with everyone, especially my young daughters. Judy and Dave are wonderful, they make the whole experience just what it is, simply brilliant. They are always on hand to offer support and guidance, provide plenty of notice for when Lucy is needed and are super considerate to us as a family. They have welcomed us all as an extension of their family and I can honestly say that we all enjoy our visits back, especially Lucy, who is happy and at home there as she is at home with us. Being a guardian family with Ripley's was the best decision I've made and I'll always be grateful for Judy and Dave for welcoming us into their family and blessing us with Lucy.

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Carly Baker - Autumn's guardian We welcomed our guardian Australian Labradoodle into our family home over two years ago. Not only is our beautiful dog amazing and well tempered, our relationship with Judy has been second to none. Judy is always there to help and advise when needed. We found the process runs very smoothly and our dogs health and happiness is always put first. This is by far the best decision we've made for our family and would never look back. Happy to discuss with anyone who is interested in being a guardian.

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Autumn 12.jpg

Paula Cawley - Neo's guardian I have been a guardian for an Australian Labradoodle for 5 years. I don't regret it for a second. The dog is perfect in every way. Judy is a delight to work with. She always gives me plenty of notice about when she needs to use him, is flexible and always arrives and returns on time.

Australian Labradoodle puppy
Australian Labradoodle Therapy dog
Australian Labradoodle Therapy puppy

Tracy Street - Oakley's guardian We have always been harassed by the kids to get a dog but it was always a step too far with regard to them taking on the responsibility. Being a busy family of 5 household was a challenge in itself. However I was unexpectedly sideswiped by the gorgeous puppy eyes of a Ripley’s Australian Labradoodle looking back at me one day and suddenly the reality of potentially looking after a dog became a very real possibility. But there was so much to consider..... Were we ready as a family?... Were the kids going to help out?? ...What about my asthma and allergies?...Do we have the space? ...the time? ...the energy? ...And what do you need to raise a puppy? So we posed these questions to our breeder at Ripley’s Australian Labradoodles and one by one they were answered in such a supportive manner that we came away with the confidence to take on this gorgeous little puppy and welcome him into our home and family. After a few family discussions and multiple promises that they (the kids) would do all the hard work (ha ha ha), we decided to become a guardian family. So we were suddenly straight back to sleepless nights and toilet training and enforcing the ‘not on the couch’ rule which quickly went out the window as he snuggled next to us and we didn’t have the heart to move him. Together with the advice and support of our breeder, our little puppy settled into a routine before we knew it. He is now 2 years old and very much part of our family and he knows our daily routine better than we do! He loves going for his ‘visits’ with our breeder and often sits at the window waiting patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) until he can excitedly jump into the car and go for his ‘play date’. Looking back over the past 2 years, we have learnt so much with the support and guidance from Ripley’s Labradoodles and can honestly say that the knowledge of being part of a process which helps to provide much loved, well-bred and good natured puppies to other families who are looking for a furry friend to share their love with, is a decision we are so happy we made. Our family would not be the same without our cheeky little boy Oakley.

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