Australian Labradoodle 

Puppy Shopping List

Please find below recommended items to purchase for your Australian Labradoodle puppy, to make life easier, these are are purchased via Amazon.

Essential items

Alongside the below treats I recommend the Natural treats from Natural Instinct.

Health care

These are some handy items for those just in case moments.

Australian Labradoodle Spay / Neuter

The below items helps make recovery a bit more comfortable.

Australian Labradoodle books for children

I recommend Agria or Bought by many, please find below links

Bought by many voucher code:  

Agria voucher code:  

24 hour Live Puppy Cam

Once our puppies are about a week old we have a puppy camera so you can view your puppy and see how your puppy grows and develops.  Animal welfare is a priority and you will be able to see that your puppy has been raised with love and care.