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Phoebe & Jackson

Phoebe & Jacksons litter are due at the end of July they are due to go home around 21st September

Puppies are expected to be medium.



Phoebe is a 4th generation Ripley's, I have bred her mother, grandmother and great grandma.  She is a playful soft natured dog, she walks on a loose lead, she is very well mannered, she is playful and smart and has a beautiful red soft fleece coat, she is a large medium.

  • Size –  medium

  • 19 inches, 17 kg

  • Colour – Red

  • Coat – Wavy Fleece

  • Health Testing

  • Hips 10 - Elbows 0

  • Clear by parentage for, EIC, PRA/PRCD, DM, HNP, VWD, CM

  • IC - Clear


Jackson is from Willows Australian Labradoodle but was originally imported from Holland.   He is a medium red boy with a chilled laid back temperament, Jackson is having therapy training and he is planning to be a school dog.  We are so excited to be using him.

  • Size – Medium 17 inches, 13kg

  • Colour – Red

  • Coat – Straight Fleece

  • Health Testing

  • Hips - 6 Elbows - 0

  • BVA Eye Test -  Clear


We are expecting red puppies from this pairing, size we are expecting will be medium.

Our puppies are priced at £3000 plus a £250 non refundable holding deposit fee (As long as the puppy is neutered before 1 year of age).  un-neutered dogs are priced higher.

We require a recent utility bill and a copy of your driving licence and then we will send an invoice via email.

You can pay the holding fee by bank transfer.


Once the holding fee has been paid, your family be added to the waiting list for the litter you have chosen. 

Studs can change as sometimes they may be on holiday or we may feel that a different stud may be a better pairing but we will always let you know if this happens.

Once puppies are born they are allocated in order of list, this means that you decide which sex you would prefer and you will be advised at this point your choice depending upon what is born and where you are on the list.  Actual puppy pick day is held when the puppies are around 6-7 weeks old as we find this is the best time for you to make an informed decision.  Once puppies are born and you have confirmed you would like to be on this list the holding fee is no longer transferable. Balance for a pet puppy is payable cash on collection or 28 days cleared funds through the bank.  Puppy pick day is done in reserve list order.

You will get access to a 24 hour web cam so you can see the puppies grow and thrive.  It is so important that you enjoy the process of purchasing your new family member.


Puppies go home at 8 weeks with a fully puppy pack which includes food, scent toy, shampoo and a comprehensive guide to help you through the first few weeks, we also offer a lifetime of support.


Our puppies are sold with a strict spay / neuter contract which requires proof of spay & neuter by 12 months of age.  Failure to adhere to the neuter deadline results in a final balance being owed.  This is rigorously followed up. 

Australian Labradoodle Breeder UK
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