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Planned Litters for 2024

I decided to open up my 2024 litters so families can plan.  Being a reputable fully licensed breeder we are generally booked up very far in advance, whilst this is lovely it can be challenging for families if they are looking for a specific puppy.


 We receive enquiries from families looking for a therapy quality puppy.  Whilst I believe all of our puppies have fabulous temperaments, I do prefer families looking for a specific temperament to fit in with their specific requirements to be closer to the top of a list to ensure the best fit for them. 

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I am sure everyone is aware that in a litter of Labradors for example that are being trained to become service dogs only 2 or 3 perhaps in a litter of 10 successfully complete the training and become service dogs.  All the Labradors in that litter will have great temperaments but to be successful in the training the puppy to be an assistant dog they need to undergo training for approximately 18 months and choosing the right puppy is only the first step. 

Here at Ripley's we are so proud that many of our dogs are working therapy dogs and visit schools, hospitals and care homes.  Our very own stud Neo goes to work every day at his local school.  Neo is dad to many of our girls so his bloodline and temperament can continue to make a difference to future families, after all temperament is inherited. 







Puppies are expected to be summer 2024


Autumn & Neo are both medium and puppies are expected to be medium varying in shades from golden red to red.  Both parents have wonderful temperaments and of course beautiful soft coats. Autumn weighs 14kg and is a small medium, Neo weighs 17kg and is a solid medium. Neo is a wonderful therapy dog and has more pictures and info above and on our temperament testing / therapy page.


Please enquire using our contact form for more information.


IMG_4984 2.heic



Puppies are expected to be late summer 2024


Lilly & Barnaby are expected to be medium and puppies are expected to be red through to golden red with perhaps some white.  Lilly came to stay a few months ago and she is delightful, her guardians have done a fantastic job, she is clever, sociable and confident and we are really looking forward to her first litter. 


Please enquire using our contact form for more information.





Puppies are expected to be born late summer 2024


Aoife has matured into a very relaxed calm dog, probably because her guardians are therapists.  She is a medium red Australian Labradoodle with a very happy calm nature, we are planning on using Jackson as her stud, Jackson goes to work every day with his family that are swimming teachers, he is undergoing therapy training and he is brilliant with the children sitting patiently by the pool and helping nervous children.


Please enquire using our contact form for more information.


24 hour Live Puppy Cam

Once our puppies are about a week old we have a puppy camera so you can view your puppy and see how your puppy grows and develops.  Animal welfare is a priority and you will be able to see that your puppy has been raised with love and care they deserve.

Our process

  • To reserve a space on a list, please choose the female you prefer and send a copy of your driving licence and a utility bill no older than 3 months and we will send you a request for the non-refundable holding fee £250 to reserve your place on our waiting list.

  • Order of list is in order of deposits received.

  • We have regular open days for people to come visit us and meet our dogs.  Please visit our Meets/Open days page for event information to an open day.  We also arrange puppy meet ups in local areas. 

  • Once puppies are born they are allocated in order of list.

  • Puppy pick day is held when puppies are around 6-7 weeks old, we find this is the best time for you to make an informed decision, their personalities are developed by this time.  Puppy pick is done in reserve list order.  We temperament test the puppies beforehand to help you in making your decision.

  • Puppies go home at 8 weeks, with a full puppy pack which includes, food, scent toy, shampoo and a comprehensive guide to help you through the first few weeks.  We also offer a lifetime of support.

  • We sell our Australian Labradoodles for a pet price, this price is for an Australian Labradoodle that has been permanently neutered or spayed before reaching 12 months of age.  Intact or un-neutered and un-spayed dogs reaching over 12 months of age cost more.

We view a deposit as a sign of a customers commitment to us, that they want a Ripley's Labradoodle puppy and have thought long and hard whether getting a puppy is the right choice for them before reserving a place on the waiting list.  We are planning quite far out and once a place has been reserved we do not accept deposits from elsewhere.  The commitment is on both sides.  However I do understand that circumstances change therefore you may choose to switch litters up to two years away for a maximum of 2 litters.  However, if my prices have risen in the meantime, your deposit will be deducted from the higher price.


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