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Bubbles & Oakley Puppies

Born 09/02/24 - Puppy viewing 30/03/24 - Collection 05/04/24 (10-11am)

Puppy Pick -  if you cannot make it in person we can arrange a video call, although we do prefer to meet people in person.

Australian Labradoodle puppies
Australian Labradoodle puppies

Puppy Camera Link to be set up soon 

We hope you enjoy watching our puppies grow, they change every day.

Sometimes the connection disconnects on the camera but normally it comes back on within an hour or so.

Check List

Puppy Insurance - Please see below referral codes that will give you a discount.

Please find below link to a shopping list you may find useful.

Please visit our puppy family access area on our website for our Puppy guide and other helpful information

  1. Register with a vet - please ensure you choose a vet with a compatible vaccine to Nobivac and one that provides Lepto 2.  Puppy will have had it's first DHP Nobivac vaccine (unless you have requested us not to).  No Lepto vaccine would have been given by us. You will receive a copy of the vaccination card when you collect your puppy which will give you the date of their first vaccine, this would have been given before they were 8 weeks old.  2nd vaccine can only be administered after they are 10 weeks old. Book puppy in for their vet check. 

  2. If you wish to pay the balance by bank transfer please arrange to do this before 06/03/2024.

  3. Order raw food from Natural Instinct (once the certificate has been given to you). Certificate for Natural Instinct will be issued on puppy pick day.  They are very quick with their delivery and it's normally within 2-3 days.

  4. Set up your crate. Ideally by your bed 

  5. Make sure you remove a pack of raw food the night before puppy arrives home. Please watch the food video in the private puppy access area on my website, this will help you and answer some of your questions. 

  6. In your puppy pack you will receive a sample of Gentle and instructions on how to purchase a pack at a reduced rate.  This is enough for a good week especially if you are transitioning from raw.  PLEASE WAIT AND PURCHASE ONCE YOUR PUP IS HOME USING THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE PACK.

  7. Puppy can have their 2nd vaccine after they are 10 weeks old and not before, please do not worm puppies on the same day as their vaccine as this can overwhelm them.

  8. Puppies will continue to need to be wormed at 8 & 12 weeks and then monthly until they are 6 months old, you can purchase Drontal online.

  9. We recommend Advocate for flea's as this also covers lungworm and they are more likely when young to lick a snail.  Once they are 6 months old they can move to a Seresto collar which covers for fleas and ticks.

We have 2 girls & 3 boys

Bubbles & litter































Puppy Pick timings Sat 30th March

09.30am - Lovelace family
10.30am - Miclot family 
11.30am - Hennessy family / Reid family

12.30pm - Guardian family
Please bring with you an item of clothing or soft toy with the scent of the main carer or a combination of family members that you are happy to not receive back.
We will introduce these scents to the litter the week before going home, this will introduce the puppies to extra scents which is a great learning experience and hopefully ease the transition.  Your home smells different and by introducing new scents to the puppies it will help form a positive experience. 

Puppy selection procedure

Dear all,

We are looking forward to meeting you for puppy selection, to keep our puppies safe and for the day to run as smoothly as possible we do have some procedures that need to be followed.

Please be punctual and keep to the timings, puppy selection is done in list order so we cannot extend your puppy viewing time, if you are late then unfortunately this will mean you will have less time choosing.  Each appointment will be 1 hour or perhaps slightly longer if it’s a larger litter.  To reduce the time, we normally have puppy selections for boys and girls running concurrently.  They are very young puppies, so we try to allow them time to rest in between viewings as much as possible, so the next family choosing gets to see the puppies at their best.

As a precaution we limit the puppy selection visit to immediate family and/or 6 people.  This is due to the space available.  We can also offer facetime selections if this is what you would prefer.  Please let me know so I can book this in, this will still need to be done in reserve list order. 

When you arrive, we will take you to our purpose built outside garden room.  Please use the hand sanitiser provided. Please remove your outside jackets / coats before picking up the puppies.  Please remove your shoes if you wish to get into the puppy pen. The puppy pen will be accessible for you to pick up and play with the puppies.  Only adults are allowed to pick up any puppies, children must be seated if they wish to go inside the puppy pen and not walk around as we do not want the risk of stepping on a puppy.


I will be there to answer your questions and provide help and advice.  I will give you your raw food certificate to order your raw food, please create an account online with Natural Instinct before you call them to redeem the certificate.


Puppy collections will be done from our Garage, puppy collections are normally done between 10am to 11am on the morning of your collection.  This allows me enough time to feed the puppy their breakfast, for them to toilet and for you to arrive home before their lunch is due.  

Best wishes




Some common FAQ's

We understand that this is the first time you have met me and whilst I have an excellent reputation, have been breeding a very long time and have plenty of history that can be re-searched easily there are some common questions that must be on a list somewhere as families tend to ask the same questions, so here are the answers to those common questions. For questions regarding care of the puppy please read the puppy guide available in the puppy access area. 

How long have you been breeding?

I have been breeding over ten years.

How many adult dogs do you have in your home?

I have 4 adult dogs that live with me on a permanent basis.

How many litters do you breed?

I breed between 4 and 6 litters a year, I am a professional breeder and this is my only business and even though I am licensed for 10 litters, I currently choose to not breed all year round?  

How many dogs do you own?

This is a difficult question as I may have young dogs that have not been health tested yet, retired dogs that have not been spayed yet and of course my own dogs and puppies that I have here.  However, all my current active breeding dogs are on my website.

How Many litters has mum had?

The UK legal limit is 6, which is far too many and in our option unethical.  All our girls have 1-3 litters, our 5 star licence means that we adhere to higher welfare standards, the maximum limit we can have is 4 litters per female to meet the criteria.

Can I see the stud dog?

No, our stud dogs or the stud dog used will not be here at puppy viewings.

What is your socialisation programme?

We start socialising the puppies from birth, they are handled daily, stroked and weighed.  From 3 weeks old when their eyes are open and they are up on their feet we start playing them various sounds and this volume is increased until they leave at 8 weeks old.  They have their paws stroked, their nails clipped, they get used to the hoover, washing machine, tv.  They meet a variety of people and go out in the car and the dog pushchair. They are introduced to toys and natural chews like rabbit ears.  They are introduced to different textures to walk on and different height obstacles.  We are experienced breeders and take our job seriously.

Can I collect my puppy later?

The short answer is no, we do not believe it is in the best interest of our puppies to have two first nights, one where all their siblings have left and one with you.  You will have 7 weeks notice of their going home date and we believe this is plenty of time for you to make the necessary arrangements to collect your puppy on time.

Will the microchip be in my name?

Once the puppy has been neutered we will transfer the chip into your name.

Temperament Testing

We completed temperament testing today.  The litter is incredibly consistent and there is very little to choose between them.  All puppies are suitable for families with children, some are clearly destined for family life, effortlessly bonding with children while others, whilst still suitable for family life exhibit more independence or are quieter. All are suitable to be with other dogs and barely anything to choose between them.   Both mum and dad have very similar temperaments and so this is not a surprise.   All puppies have been vet checked and they are all perfect.

3's = The most confident puppies / playful / Interactive and more suitable for a busy family with children

4's = The middle of the road ideal puppy.  playful and interactive but not as full on as 3's

5's = The quieter puppy, not suitable for a family with young children.

Valentine - (3)

A picture of confidence and genuine happiness, Valentine has a remarkable friendly presence and is the most confident in the litter.  Her tail is always up and shows her enthusiasm and joyful disposition.  She is an excellent fit for a family dynamic, including those with children.  She is people focussed but meets other dogs with exuberance.  She has a strong play desire and enjoys tug toys rather than the ball.  She scored high on her chase activity, very confident with sound and sight and investigated freely.  She was confident with our obstacle course and accepted all the obstacles with delight. She can exhibit attention seeking tendencies so to continue training we would recommend not to encourage this behaviour.  She would thrive in a family playing with children or grandchildren alike.

Seraphina - (4)

Seraphina has a naturally sweet disposition and loves a cuddle but would also enjoy playing with children. She is forgiving, has a lower play desire and a low prey drive, with time her play desire could increase as she is still very young. She will love a ball and scored high on her retrieve and chase activity. It's worth mentioning that chasing balls for a prolonged period of time is not good for their joints and should be limited. She would suit all family types as she is a mix of playfulness but also enjoys quiet periods, Her versatility makes her a fitting addition to any family dynamic, but I personally believe she would not enjoy too boisterous children but would enjoy quieter children.  She could without proper socialisation become more timid which is why continued exposure to new experiences in a calm and controlled way would ensure she continues to thrive.

Valentino - (4)

Valentino is a mix of confidence and quietness, he radiates positivity.  His inclination is balanced with a calming charm mixed with a quiet confidence.  He has a naturally sweet disposition and loves a cuddle but would also enjoy playing with children.  He is people focussed, has a medium level play drive and enjoys tug games and this could be used as a training tool.  He scored low on retriever focus however I believe with time and training he could enjoy this.  Adaptable he is suited for all family types and ages of children.

Raphael (4)

Raphael loves people, he has a natural affinity for cuddling and embracing the warmth of human touch.  He is quietly confident without being overly playful. He is people focussed, has a lower play desire coupled with a low prey drive, he is not ball focused and would probably be more suited to food treats rather than toy focus. He is highly confident with new places but is more reactive to loud sounds.  You can continue with his socialisation by playing various noises to him and to continue to take him to new places in a calm and controlled way.  He is mid confident around dogs which means that he would enjoy a dog household and would bond well with another dog. His training would benefit with continuing with his natural sociability whilst exploring new people / sounds / experiences in a controlled positive way.

​Casanova - (4)

Casanova loves people.  He enjoys a cuddle.  He is quietly confident without being overly playful.  At 5 weeks old I thought he would be a quieter puppy and he certainly could become a quieter puppy but he is super friendly and his confidence has grown loads hence scoring a 4.  Casanova is people focussed rather than toy focussed.  He thinks before acting and was confident with the obstacle course. He would suit all family types as he is a mix of playfulness but also enjoys quiet periods, you may have seen that he likes sleeping on his own sometimes.  He would definitely enjoy the crate.  His versatility makes him a fitting addition to any family dynamic, but I personally believe he would not enjoy too boisterous children. 


It is important to note that temperament testing is a snap shot of their temperaments at the time of the test.  Whilst we do know our puppies they are so very young and correct socialisation and ongoing training is so very important to ensure your Ripley's puppy continues to thrive in their environment.  Training and a loving environment and continued exposure to as many new experiences before they are 16 weeks old will contribute significantly to their happiness and ongoing temperament.​​

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